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We are a professional field service company.

Providing manufacturers with technical representation, installations, repairs, calibrations and preventative maintenance across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Index Services, LLC supports factories, equipment manufacturers and laboratories in the biomedical, chemical and life science industry.

We pride ourselves on professional response times, excellent communication and customized services. Whether it’s a factory trained local representative you need or a specialty calibration, Index Services, LLC can always be counted on for experienced “hands in the field.”

  • Experienced

  • HIPPA compliant

  • Trained in laboratory etiquette and safety

  • HUB certified through the State of Texas comptroller’s office

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Index Services, LLC

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Service Area
We have offices in the Houston and Dallas Texas regions but our service area extends across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and into Missouri. We’re experienced in providing services around the world. There is no job too small, and no job too far.

Field Services

Factory & Manufacturer Field Services

Providing manufacturers with local service representation is our primary business.

Sometimes, especially in high growth areas, manufacturers need an extra set of eyes and skilled hands in the field. Providing on-site technical support, installations, repairs and calibrations for the life science industry is our specialty.

Maintaining a local technical service presence is extremely important in maintaining market growth, especially when entering a new market area or rolling out a new product line. Even a high quality product may give way to a lesser product if the customer doesn’t feel supported.

Our field service technicians can be trained by your team for seamless representation of your company’s culture, documentation requirements, and procedures. We are flexible, responsive and you can always expect professionalism and confidentiality.

Equipment Installations


Following the manufacturer’s design specifications for installations is paramount to the lifespan of even the most forgiving equipment. Improperly installed systems run the risk of becoming overtaxed, reducing the equipment’s productive life and never reaching it’s full potential. Index Services’ technicians carefully follow the manufacturer’s installation specifications and are trained to recognize environmental variations that may affect the system’s operation. Professional installation reduces warranty costs for the manufacturer and reduces down-time for the customer, resulting in overall purchase satisfaction, referrals and return customers.

OEM Preventative Maintenance and Factory Authorized Lab Service

Preventative Maintenance

Second only to proper installation, factory structured preventative maintenance is the key to reducing equipment downtime and ensuring that an advanced system reaches its full potential. Preventative, as opposed to corrective, maintenance is performed at scheduled times allowing a trained technician to check for worn parts and replace consumables without interrupting the customer’s operation. The goal of preventative maintenance is to confirm proper equipment operation, to meet maintenance requirements and to reduce corrective maintenance repairs. There is no one better to perform these services than an Index Services factory trained field service technician.

Warranty Repairs - Laboratory Equipment Repair and Service

Warranty Repairs

Index Services provides factory authorized warranty repairs across the state of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. When equipment is down, time is of the essence and we understand the urgency. We strive to provide an urgent response, provide clear and professional communication for both the manufacturer and the end user and we keep our appointments.

Lab Equipment Calibrations


Even the most advanced laboratory equipment requires periodic calibrations and adjustments. Most manufacturers of high quality equipment provide highly structured technical documentation as well as training for field service technicians so that their products can be tested, calibrated and validated properly. Index Services can be counted on to provide professional calibration services, the right way and on time.



We recognize the significance of proper service documentation for both the manufacturer and the end user. Whether it’s an installation, preventative maintenance, calibration or corrective repair – Index Services can provide custom documentation to meet your needs. Appropriate records can be just as important as the service itself, and we realize different types of documentation may be required for internal record keeping or for meeting the requirements of an external governing body. Documentation takes time but we recognize its significance and we are progressive, always seeking to improve and streamline our efforts.

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